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Molly and Michael

Our Story

I had graduated from Mizzou and stayed in Columbia, MO for my job. Mike had graduated from Mizzou undergrad and recently received his law degree from Saint Louis University. He moved back to Columbia, MO for his job in Jefferson City. Being part of the select college grad crew in a College town, we met through friends in 2015.  



August 21, 2019

Mike proposed on August 21st 2019 at our house in St. Louis on Weston Place in Richmond Heights. His career was moving us East to Connecticut. It was incredible to have this memory together at our first house. It happened on a Wednesday evening as soon as I got home from work. I was changing to walk the dogs and Mike called me outside to help pick some tomatoes. Mike was waiting on one knee in the garden. 


​We enjoyed our engagement over the next couple days. Friday night Mike suggested we celebrate by going out to dinner with my cousin, Marta, and her then fiance, Charlie. After dinner, Mike & Marta suggested we get a drink down the street. I was surprised with friends and family under the St. Louis skyline.

Two weeks later we moved to Connecticut where we currently live with Frankie & Kona. 


Wedding Planning

Mike & I drove almost 20 hours (dogs in tow) to our new home in Glastonbury, CT. We looked at venues around CT and Rhode Island. We considered that everyone would be traveling, so we expanded our options! Michaels parents live in Charleston, we've loved all our visits and decided it's a great city to share with our friends and family. My parents met us in Charleston for a visit at the end of 2019. We fell in love with The William Aiken house. Over some oysters, we picked September 19, 2020 . The date was set! 

Early February 2020 Mike & I met my sister, brother-in-law & nephew in Charleston to get their approval of the venue. We tasted, they approved! Mike & I had our engagement photos taken and licked our first round of Save The Dates. It wasn't even 30 days later that quarantine & social distancing protocols became mandatory. We continued the wedding planning, as we believed Covid would pass and the September 2020 date gave everyone something to look forward too. 

I don't need to summarize 2020, but our uncertainty grew and we slowed in moving forward with the wedding planning while we waited to see what the world would look like... next week, next month. We watched friends and family delay their own wedding celebrations and move to smaller ceremonies. We were eventually faced with a hard decision. Mike & I have been isolated from our people for months so it was easy for us to come to an agreement that it was important for us to have our friends and family by our side to celebrate, rather than the wedding date itself. What's another year of dating?! 

Everyone was dealing with a new lifestyle and their own problems, but the support we received after making the decision was amazing. It was a weight off our shoulders and deciding to postpone until September 2021 was the best thing to happen to us in months! It was slightly disappointing but more of a relief that we have this new date to look forward to.


September 19 2020


Our plans of signing Happy Birthday to Mike's mom on the dance floor did not live out but we were so lucky to spend the weekend in Rhode Island celebrating Peg's Birthday with Mike's family.

Matti (Mike's niece) was very concerned we didn't get to get married, she threw us a surprise glitter shower and gave us rings from own ring box to remember the day.

Wedding Planning
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